Wee Blessing FAQ’s For Like-New Blessings

What is the difference between a traditional blessing and a “like new” blessing?

We are so glad you asked. We now offer 2 types of hand selected blessings, a traditional blessing and a like-new blessing. Our traditional blessings include brand new hand selected items chosen by your very own personal stylist at discounts ranging from 40-60 percent off of retail. Our like-new program offers the same premiere brands that you would see in our traditional program but the items selected are in like-new condition and only cost around $4 per item. That’s up to 95 percent off retail. All items chosen are in mint condition. Like-new blessings are currently only available for sizes newborn through 16 in children/teens.

How many items come in each like-new blessing?

That is the great thing about our like-new program. After filling out our fun style profile you then get to choose how many items you wish to receive, what season and how often you would like to receive a blessing. If you only want one blessing, no problem as no commitment is required!

What is the definition of “like-new” clothing?

We diligently search boutiques, consignment stores and hidden gems across the country to find perfect clothing in mint condition just for you. We define like-new as a previously worn item in excellent condition that is free from defects and shows little to no signs of wear.

What brands do you offer in a like-new blessing?

We have access to almost every top name brand out that you already know love and trust. Whether you like premiere brands like Nike, Under Amour, Jessica Simpson, Carter’s, Gap, Disney, Ralph Lauren, Justice and Forever 21 or prefer more unique boutique selections….we’ve got you covered.

What is the average cost of each like-new blessing?

We want to be a blessing for busy parents everywhere by providing quality hand selected items that meet any family’s budget. With each item being only around $4.00, it’s more affordable to be styled by Wee Blessing than it is to shop in bargain stores. Simply select whether you want to receive 6, 8, 10 or 15 items in your blessing.

Is my card charged upfront for the items that my stylist has selected?

Unlike our traditional blessing program, your card is charged upfront based on how many items you have selected that you wish to receive. The average cost is around $4.00 per item.

How long does it take for my first like-new blessing to arrive?

After receiving your style profile we will assign a personal stylist just for you. A great deal of care and detail goes into making the perfect selections. We want to get it right the first time. Your first blessing should arrive within 2-3 weeks. We hope that you are excited as we are.

How long am I obligated to sign up for? What if I only want one like-new blessing?

We have so many options to choose from and know that we can find a frequency that fits your schedule. Currently for our like-new blessing program we offer every other month, quarterly and one time blessing options. If you choose the one-time blessing option simply login to your account and let us know whenever you are ready to receive another blessing. Please remember you can put your account on hold or cancel your account anytime, so why not give us a try?

What ages do you provide like-new blessings for?

We happily provide blessings for all ages from newborn to adult. However, our like-new blessing is currently only available for sizes newborn to 16 in children/teens.

Shipping is listed at $9.00. What if I have multiple children in our family who wish to receive a like-new blessing?

Our like-new program is a little different from our traditional blessing offering in that the shipping and handling charge is $9.00 per child. Each child that receives a blessing will be shipped individually as they are styled separately. Remember though that shipping is free when you select the option to receive 15 items in each blessing.

Most styling services have a styling fee, do you have one?

Absolutely not. We do not charge a styling fee or any other hidden fees.

What if I want to return some of the items that my stylists has selected in my like-new blessing?

We hope that you love all of the items that your stylist has selected just for you. You are family and we always want you to be satisfied so if for any reason something does not fit please reach out to us right away. In the event this happens, items may be returned and a credit will be applied to your account. Wee Blessing is not responsible for any shipping & handling costs associated with any items that are being returned for a credit. Returned items must be received by Wee Blessing within 30 days.

Do you ship items based on the season?

Yes we absolutely do. We look at each city/state before preparing a blessing to see exactly what the existing weather is in your area. We also reach out directly to see what type of items you are looking to receive in between seasons as well. We can accommodate most requests that you have for any season!

Do you ship outside of the US?

We currently ship to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. We proudly support our military families and ship to APO’s, FPO’s and DPO’s as well.

Do you accept pre-paid or load-able credit cards?

Yes we do accept pre-paid cards for our like-new program only.

We love your service, do I get anything for telling my friends to sign up?

Yes, absolutely! We are so excited to hear that you are sharing us with you friends. We love you too! When you refer a friend you receive a $50 credit for every friend that signs up. Once they have been with us for 60 days that credit will automatically apply to your account. All you have to do is give them your referral code. It’s super simple!!